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Accent Tables

Teak Wood

Our collection of accent tables consists of primarily teak wood, harvested from 100% FSC certified forests, as well as reclaimed teak collected from old buildings.


$150 - $900


Chairs, Benches, and Stools

Multiple Materials

We have a wide variety of chairs, benches, loungers, and stools, made from multiple materials - teak wood, natural rattan, boat wood, and railroad ties just to name a few. 


$75 - $1,000

Round Root Console Table with Glass - An

Coffee Tables

Teak Wood

We have multiple coffee table options, all made from teak wood or teak roots. All wood is sustainably harvested.


$350 - $900

Teak Root Console Table - Natural Finish

Console Tables

Teak Root

Our teak root console tables are made from teak roots that are salvaged from the ground of FSC certified forests. The tables are available in multiple finishes, sizes, and configurations.


$450 - $2,000


Dining Room Furniture

Multiple Materials

Our dining room furniture collection includes indoor and outdoor tables, chairs, and buffets made primarily from reclaimed teak wood.


$400 - $2,500


Bar Sets

Teak Wood

We currently have two bar sets available - the Madrid Bar, made from reclaimed teak wood, and the Meja Bar table set, made from harvested teak wood.


$100 - $800