About our Materials & Finishes

Our Hand-Carved Natural Stone and Stone Cast Materials



Greenstone is an igneous rock, meaning it is formed from the solidification of molten rock material. It is a fine-grain basalt found in the earth’s crust that takes on shades of green, grey and black with white silica deposits throughout.



Riverstone is a sedimentary rock, and is a relatively vague term for stones found in rivers and their shores. It is a member of the limestone family and has a higher hardness level than greenstone, the other natural stone we use for our statuary. This allows for a more detailed carving in most instances, especially in smaller pieces. The natural color tones of the rocks can vary from various shades of grey to red, brown and yellow. The more the stone is chiseled and sanded, the more light grey it becomes. This can be seen in our riverstone statuary, as it is finely carved and sanded to achieve its stunning detail.

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Stone Cast

Our stone cast products are made on-site at our manufacturer’s facility and is a durable mixture of cement and water.

Our Greenstone and Riverstone Finishes

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Antique (Greenstone Only)

The antique finish is a stain made by our manufacturer that is applied by brush. When the stone has dried, the resulting color is a dark, rich brown that gives the greenstone a completely unique, polished look.


Natural (Greenstone & Riverstone)

Out natural finish is no finish at all - allowing the beautiful details and variations in the coloring and texture to stand out.

Riverstone is always left in its natural, raw state. It is never stained, only carved and sanded.