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About Our Statues and Stone Decor

Origin: Mojokerto, East Java, Indonesia

One of our most unique product offerings is our statuary. We happened to connect with an amazing manufacturing partner about a year ago, and his team harvests stone locally and carves them by hand into incredibly detailed and one-of-a-kind statues and pieces of stone decor. We get a lot of questions about our statues, so we thought we'd post some Q&A here to help you out!

Who makes these statues?

We work with an amazing manufacturer in the city of Mojokerto on the Indonesian island of Java. He has a team of artists, who hand-carve each detail.

What material are they?

All of our hand-carved stone items are made from Volcanic Greenstone or Riverstone. This stone stone is sourced from local quarries or rivers.

We have some items that are concrete-casted as well, made by the same team.

Is everything really hand-carved?

95% of what we have at The Merchant’s Collection is hand-carved, but we do have a few statues that are concrete-casted.

Is there a lot of variety?

Tons. These artists can literally make anything. We carry Javanese Buddhas, Shivas, and Ganeshas, but we also have lanterns, planters, bathtubs, sinks, dragons, eagles, etc. Each artist is different, too, so the style can vary even within the same type of statue.

We have more stone products coming soon with more variety, so we'll be posting a Coming Soon page for them soon, be on the lookout. Arriving November 2020.

Do they make custom items?

Yes! Just let us know what you’re interested in, and we’ll work with the manufacturer to get it done. Because our stone items are hand-made, there is a 3-month lead time on custom items.

The Riverstone statues seem more expensive than the Greenstone. Why?

Riverstone is more expensive, but there are reasons. First, harvesting riverstone is more difficult. Greenstone is available in quarries, and is easier to get out of the ground. Second, riverstone is much harder. That literally makes working with it more painstaking and time-consuming, but ALSO it means that the detail is more refined. Greenstone is is slightly softer, so when we order our "fine art" statues (meaning, incredibly detailed), we go with riverstone, because the stone can withstand more.

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